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The Home Healthcare business the world over is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life.

With estimates running as high as 70-80% of working men and women encountering back pain at some point in their life, products and/or services that target this market are part of a dynamic growth segment in the healthcare industry. Back Pain is Big Business. In a word, the orthopedic seat cushion segment of the medical rehab products industry is a mega dollar business the world over and growing as populations continue to age. Back pain has edged out the common cold as the primary reason for lost work time. Persons who sit for long periods, with pressure on the end of their spine (tailbone), risk developing herniated discs and other back injuries. Sitting increases the pressure on your spinal discs two to three times over the pressure caused by standing. This can result in severe and chronic lower back pain. In addition to relieving back pain, the wedge form of ortho seat cushions sold by VMS Rehab Systems, Inc. are recommended as a therapeutic aid for relieving (when seated) the discomfort and/or pain caused by other lower body medical issues including but not limited to Pilonidal Disease, Piles Disease and Hemorrhoids.

As a Canadian Company, VMS initially targeted market opportunities in its domestic market where it saw unusual scope and dimension for early growth and development. In 2011, VMS was qualified as a core vendor to Shoppers Drug Mart that operates the largest Home Healthcare and drug store franchise in the Canadian marketplace. The Company has been supplying orthopedic seat cushions to the Shoppers network ever since.