“Our ‘hands-on’ approach in day to day  management provides us with a unique advantage in harnessing all of the attributes of each and every investment decision we make.”


Established in March 1998, VMS Rehab Systems, Inc. is an Ottawa, Canada based Health Industry business with a principal focus today on the emerging growth generic drug business as well as the supply of high performance quality of life products to the Home Healthcare marketplace.

The Early Years

The Company distinguished itself early on as the inventor and manufacturer of the first patented non mechanical high seat chair, the Alda Artherapedic Seating Systems®, for hip and knee patients and those suffering from other disabilities in their lower limbs. However, with mounting cost pressures from Asian manufacturers, the Company transitioned in 2010 to focus on the soft goods orthopedic seat cushion segment of the home healthcare market in Canada. In 2011, VMS Rehab Systems, Inc. was selected as a core vendor for orthopedic seat cushions by Shoppers Drug Mart, the largest home healthcare and drug retailer across Canada.

A Transition Time

In 2010, management decided to transition the company away from the durable medical equipment business into the resale of ‘quality of life’ orthopedic seat cushions for the home healthcare sector. VMS Rehab Systems, Inc. is currently a core verndor of orthopedic ‘wedge’ seat cushions to Canada’s largest home healthcare retail network, Shoppers Home Healthcare. While the Company’s home healthcare activities have been concentrated in Canada, VMS Rehab Systems is currently planning to expand in 2016 its ortho seat cushion business to other major global markets in North America and Europe.