“Our ‘hands-on’ approach in day to day  management provides us with a unique advantage in harnessing all of the attributes of each and every investment decision we make.”

Entering new markets

To broaden the Company’s market focus and benefit from rapidly changing markets in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide, the Company acquired in 2014 Biopharmcor Sp. z o.o., an early stage Poland based developer and supplier of generic drugs to improve Men’s health. In March 2015, the company restructured its generic drugs business through the formation of Dutch based Biopharmcor B.V. and the integration of the Polish unit under the ownership of the newly formed Dutch company. Following the restructuring process, VMS Rehab Systems, Inc. owns and controls approximately 72% of Biopharmcor B.V.’s voting common shares.

A 21st Century Health Business

VMS Rehab Systems, Inc. today is very much the 21st Century health business that underscores the vision of the company’s management. With target markets that focus squarely on routine health issues of vast portions of the global population such as back pain and/or the discomforts of pain in the lower extremities, and the introduction of safe and affordable generic medicines through its Biopharmcor generic drugs unit, the Company has aligned its corporate strategies for future growth and development with market requirements in the 21st Century presented on the graph below.