“Our ‘hands-on’ approach in day to day  management provides us with a unique advantage in harnessing all of the attributes of each and every investment decision we make.”

In all our endeavors, we work as a team and we work with a common view-to exercise ‘best practice’ solutions to achieving our primary goals and objectives. At VMS Rehab System, Inc. we believe that People + Know-how makes a difference in everything we do. That is why we are committed to assembling over the fullness of time, a cadre of skilled and knowledgeable people who will contribute to the Company’s growth and expansion today and tomorrow.

VMS Rehab Systems, Inc. Ottawa, Canada

  1. Michael S. Wexler - Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO
  2. Carol D. Segal - non-executive Board Member
  3. Colleen Turner - Administrator, Sales and Marketing

Biopharmcor B.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  1. Michael S. Wexler – CEO, Chairman of the Board
  2. Dr. Anthony Bella, MD, FRSC © –Member, Management Board, Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
  3. Thomas M. Edmond - Member, Management Board
  4. Robert Jan Wassink RA - acting as Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  5. Dr Stuart Madden PhD, Cchem, FRSC- VP, Pharmaceutical Development
  6. Dawid Mrotek – Director, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

For more information about the Biopharmcor Management Team visit www.Biopharmcor.com