• VMS Rehab Systems, Inc. has launched its on-line E-Shop at www.orthocush.com offering premium, orthopedic, wedge seat cushions under branded OrthoCush™ label to relieve and reduce chronic back pain.

  • The growth and development of a high performance home healthcare business requires a keen understanding for the world we live in coupled with innovative products that work for their intended purpose

  • Improving the quality of life at affordable prices 
    lies at the heart of everything we do

  • Choosing the right path to follow in building out a diverse and dynamic health industries company requires a keen understanding for the markets we serve coupled with high performance, competitively priced healthcare products.

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VMS Rehab Systems Inc.

“Our ‘hands-on’ approach in day to day management provides us with a unique advantage in harnessing all of the attributes of each and every product we sell.”

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At VMS Rehab System, Inc. we believe that People + Know-how makes a difference in everything we do. That is why we are committed to assembling over the fullness of time, a cadre of skilled and knowledgeable people who will contribute to the Company’s growth and expansion today and tomorrow.

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VMS Rehab Systems, Inc., is a provider of ‘quality of life’
products and services in the ‘go to’ home healthcare

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